Introducing ADAM by flowdaq

Monitoring Bottle use at Water Coolers for efficient delivery planning


What is ADAM?

ADAM is a proprietary device custom-built by Flowdaq to solve a problem in the bulk bottled water distribution sector.

ADAM monitors bottles at the water cooler and feeds usage data to the delivery planning system.

ADAM tells bulk bottled water Distributors when bottles are used, how many to deliver, and when.

What makes ADAM different?

Unlike 'predictive' systems, ADAM knows when your Customer changes a bottle on any watercooler, so ADAM can tell you - at any time - how many Full (and Empty!) bottles your Customer has, allowing for the most efficient Delivery planning possible.

Real time usage data

Daily update of usage data

Delivered via IOT networks

Delivered via secure IOT networks

Cut distribution costs

Reduced distribution costs

Boost throughput and sales

Boost throughput & sales

Automated orders

Automated Orders

Plug & Play retrofit

Plug & play retrofit

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