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ADAM is an IoT-based innovation that delivers efficiencies and benefits directly to the bottom line for your bottled water distribution business...

Developed in collaboration with leading players in the bottled watercooler industry.

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Flowdaq has its origin in a simple observation made by a Logistics Manager...

A delivery operative arriving at a customer site with a trolley load of water that was not required due to a quiet period with reduced staff numbers. What a waste of effort and resources.

An industry / academic research project carried out with Maynooth University and supported by Enterprise Ireland led to the development of our innovative solution.

The Flowdaq stock monitoring device actively counts bottle changes and reports the information back over IoT networks to feed into the distributor’s CRM, Logistics or Delivery management system.

By accurately providing the key piece of ‘missing’ information (how many bottles are needed, where and when?), the technology will revolutionise bottled water distribution for Distributors keen to innovate.

In collaboration with Oasis International (one of the World's foremost Watercooler manufacturers), Flowdaq launched ADAM in 2018 and are actively in the R&D phase of at least two additional Products.

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