IOT Connectivity has the power to transform how we do things...

How do we harness that power for the bottled watercooler industry?



The Flowdaq solution involves a proprietary bottle-sensing device that easily retrofits to any watercooler and transmits data without any further configuration required by the Distributor or Service personnel.

The device continuously monitors and reports bottle changes over IOT networks to Flowdaq. We then perform data analytics and business intelligence before transmitting useable data to Distributors as raw data or directly into existing Logistics, CRM and Planning solutions. No additional Software or Applications required.

We harness the power of Sigfox, a global IOT communications network. Its low running cost and low energy consumption makes it ideal for securely connecting watercoolers to the Cloud. Sigfox has a widespread and rapidly growing coverage.



Coverage already available in 45 countries - Coverage continuously increasing.

17 Countries fully covered - Belgium • Czech Republic • Denmark • France • Italy • Ireland • Luxembourg • Singapore • Mauritius • New Zealand • Oman • Portugal • Malta • Slovakia • Spain • Taiwan • The Netherlands

Almost 30 additional Countries with coverage continuously expanding - Including USA, UK and South American territories.

Currently covering 800 million people - Increased population coverage by more than 500% in 3 years

Currently spanning 3.8 million km² - Surface area converage increased by almost 500% in 3 years


Flowdaq benefits

▫ Plug & play retrofit Device
▫ Automated or straight-through ordering
▫ Real-time Customer usage for delivery planning
▫ Boost throughput & sales
▫ Reduce distribution costs
▫ Increase resource utilisation
▫ Reduce fuel costs and environmental impact
▫ Easily identify unproductive watercoolers
▫ Secure, highly configurable data
▫ Delivered via lost-cost, resilient IOT networks

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