Key Features & Benefits of ADAM for Bottled Water Distributors

Efficient Delivery Planning & Reduced Distribution Costs

No more loss-making deliveries

  • Carry only the bottles required on each Delivery run
  • Demand-based distribution & delivery planning
  • No more unnecessary delivery attempts
  • No more frustrated delivery drivers!

Increased Sales & Revenue Opportunities

  • Automated orders lead to increased throughput per cooler
  • Better utilisation of Delivery vehicles by avoiding wasted trips
  • Predictive delivery leads to increased lifetime value per Customer
  • Makes difficult SME & Domestic customers more efficient to service.

Easy Plug & Play Integration

  • Plug and Play retrofit to any water cooler.
  • Easy integration with existing delivery planning systems
  • One device - Global coverage
  • One device works on any watercooler

Additional Benefits

  • Customers never have to call or email to place an order
  • Historical usage patterns per-Cooler for Strategic logistics analysis
  • Historical Usage and Delivery data per-Cooler or per-Location
  • Reduced carbon emissions per delivered bottle

Improved Customer Satisfaction & Reduced Customer Service Costs

Running out of water is key reason for dissatisfaction

  • Knowledge of Customer’s stock per-Cooler / per-Location
  • Notification when Customer’s total reaches a predefined threshold
  • Individual threshold per-Customer, per-Location & per-Cooler
  • Identify surplus available Bottles nearby, if stock runs low

Asset Management & Brand Protection

  • Easily identify coolers used with competitor bottles or refilled bottles
  • Easily identify & locate unproductive coolers
  • Identify Customers or Locations where Empty bottles are lost
  • No more customer disatisfaction caused by gaps in stock or delivery

Benefits For Facilities Managers

  • Allows Facilities Managers to monitor stock in Stockroom & at Coolers
  • Immediate notification when a Bottle is used at any water cooler
  • Statistical data to identify usage patterns per-Cooler or per-Location
  • Comprehensive usage data to support Accounts & Procurement

Additional Benefits

  • Massively reduced Customer Service or CRM costs
  • Improve Operations using Business Intelligence derived from usage
  • Statistical data to validate SLAs, KPIs & Tender compliance
  • Reduced per-bottle delivery effort

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